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Duncan RileyUK Police Accuse Domain Name Registrar of Facilitating Criminal Activity | TorrentFreak http://t.co/JSu3UbglyT
o5Infographic: Which Fitness Class is Right for You? http://t.co/vQYiBbYosc http://t.co/Sj0y50peUm
Wil WheatonA guy just said, enthusiastically, "hashtag selfie!" and the girl said "Facebook me!" and I need a cane to shake at them.
Duncan RileyRT @cammacrae: Anyway, what that dill at Roadshow actually meant was that his inability to correctly price products was akin to terrorism a…
Wil WheatonRT @2p2TrollCat: If you have someone in your life who's mean, nasty or otherwise toxic, just let them go. You will be much better off. Seri…
Wil WheatonRT @davedittell: "yeah of course I can paint your ceiling." Michelangelo scoffed to himself, "gonna paint a bunch of dudes with they dick o…
Anil Dash"...Mr. Shrem said on Saturday from his parents’ home in Brooklyn. 'They got a Bitcoiner.'"
BloggingProFinancial Pitfalls for #FreelanceWriters - and How to Avoid Them http://t.co/e37xfJ63pj #freelancing
Paul StamatiouThe most unpleasant boat ride I've ever experienced but we finally docked in Φολέγανδρος at 5am #StammyGR http://t.co/GblfIhXiNb
Heather ChampAnd, Amazon Prime is no help with this.
The Blog HeraldUpdate your Plain Text Resume with #Infographic #Resume Builders http://t.co/NHLRJoUcP7
Heather ChampOffered to help out with an upcoming bachelorette party. I've been tasked with procuring a couple of packs of "big dong playing cards".
BloggingProGoogle Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not http://t.co/geoa2i7D6u
Anil DashTax $ spent to vandalize Wikipedia with anti-trans* hate. Again. Likely by those who claim to hate govt waste. http://t.co/asgwXneJ9f
Darren RowsePlease support our dear friend @planningqueen with her Pozible campaign - so close! http://t.co/TtsxlXt5K7 #PBEVENT
Cameron MollPublished: a mobile phone contract for our teenage son. http://t.co/AfzOJlYdYl
Splashpress MediaThe Splashpress Media Team Daily is out! http://t.co/iSWZ0nlOaF Stories via @noemiruth
Heather Champ"How Stargate inspired a cult following" http://t.co/orjEdAaj87 I'm a huge fan. Saw the original opening weekend.