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Wil WheatonRT @mikd33: #BeaADay2 29/365 "Stand By Bea" from my 2nd daily Bea Arthur art project #GoldenGirls @wilw http://t.co/zOVcwgTmlH
Ars TechnicaAndroid Marshmallow: What we know (and suspect) is getting the update http://t.co/ODJRe8R8dz by @AndrewWrites
Chris GarrettOver 6.5 million @Raspberry_Pi sold. Amazing. Forget BBC, getting into C64 territory ;) https://t.co/JxAh3xsqGD
Andy BaioPretty sure @neilyourself made the best remix of Aaron Carter's "That's How I Beat Shaq" ever. https://t.co/ATIQjjC4Vf
Darren Rowse|REPLAY| ❓❓ 8 Questions First Time Readers are asking about your Blog ❓❓ #katch #Periscope http://t.co/3IkAdB88tN http://t.co/L1qkg4NRFS
John GruberLast-minute opening for this week’s DF sponsorship. Shoot me an email if you’re interested: http://t.co/37kJwV0ZjS
Chris GarrettRT @ngoralski: how to get rid of telemarketing .. so good #sysadmin http://t.co/fbh4jvaavX
Darren Rowse8 questions first time readers are asking about your blog #ProBlogSlides http://t.co/1QWs0AonfN
Darren RowseLIVE on #Periscope: ❓❓ 8 Questions First Time Readers are asking about your Blog ❓❓ https://t.co/vJNOuNrupz
Ars TechnicaRightscorp, locked in court battles, signs Sony Music as a client http://t.co/BUMJyzKL4L by @joemullin
Darren RowseLISTEN: today mark 50 Podcast Episodes & 3 months of Podcasting. Here's what I've learned http://t.co/hqDrYOCnGG http://t.co/T2cIApujqJ
Jeffrey Zeldman★“We never start with a grid. We start with an idea.” Content-out Layout by @nathan_ford@beep @alistapart #AEAAUS http://t.co/0fyf2f42vi
Jeffrey ZeldmanEthan Marcotte (@Beep!), father of #RWD, on "Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design" at #AEAAUS. http://t.co/9XI1Ivy595
Darren RowseHow to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World http://t.co/eUaPcG0yWH http://t.co/3IrUHtNdtz
Jeffrey ZeldmanRT @StepheniFF3333: I just realized how little I really now about my field. #aeaaus #webdesign
Jeffrey ZeldmanAt #AEAAUS, #RWD king @beep gave shoutout for Thierry Koblentz’s visionary 2009 “Creating Intrinsic Ratios for Video” http://t.co/lmJuE5thNo
Cameron MollRT @sarahblackstock: "Make your product accessible via the internet, not just the web." Unify the look in apps, not just mobile browsers. @…
Cameron MollRT @mor10: "What if we took the 'W' out of RWD and started talking about just Responsive Design in a holistic way?" @cameronmoll #aeaaus