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Duncan RileyAirAsia abolishes fuel surcharge on all its airlines - ANN http://t.co/XbU85hK3Y5
BloggingProFreelance Writing Jobs, January 26, 2015 http://t.co/mUg4vu1nxP
Duncan RileyMan lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room http://t.co/e6BJIo6sla via @engadget
BloggingProFreelance Writing Jobs, January 26, 2015 http://t.co/1jRWZSvmDS #copywritingjobs #contentwritingjobs #onlinewritingjobs
The Blog HeraldFreelance Writing Jobs, January 26, 2015 http://t.co/kJXCjluQJe #copywritingjobs #contentwritingjobs #onlinewritingjobs
Ars TechnicaSling TV review: Do cord cutters and “cord nevers” even want live TV? http://t.co/jgXeeMG7RC by @MeganGeuss
Duncan RileyRT @KKeneally: Someone please explain to me why it's ok for Bruno Mars to be in the Triple J Hottest 100, but not Taylor Swift.
Duncan RileyParents can't name their child 'Nutella,' French court says http://t.co/eyeOUiCYxF via @TIME
Duncan RileyRT @kcarruthers: Oh my: This Is Not Saudi Arabia: In One New York Town, Women Aren't Allowed to Drive http://t.co/lJrgwiJJbE
Duncan RileyP2P money startup TransferWise takes $58 million Series C http://t.co/1ZGrrHJOZp?
Duncan RileyColorado man facing 5 years jail for buying and selling Bitcoin without a license http://t.co/m56Nt6Hdil?
Splashpress MediaSplashpress Media Writers Daily is out! http://t.co/INNEPfgplh Stories via @noemiruth
Duncan RileyNext from @TonyAbbottMHR a knighthood to Prince Andrew for services to the international underage sex industry
Duncan RileyRT @G_Parker: Well this puts to rest the idea that Tony Abbott practices the politics of division. As far as I can tell Sir Philip has unit…
Duncan Riley404 plane not found: Lizard Squad hacks Malaysian Airlines site http://t.co/y5c86om1Qs?
Duncan Riley.@G_Parker Barney is delusional if he thinks the WACA ground is a world class venue.
Duncan RileyRT @latikambourke: General reaction to PM Abbott's knighting of Prince Philip is 'He's lost the plot.' Exact words one very exasperated Lib…
Duncan RileyArise Sir Andrew or Sir Charles or Dame Anne http://t.co/ZOHEemyjkM
Duncan RileyGame over? Sony FINALLY offers compensation to MEELLIONS of PSN hack victims http://t.co/vGUGCS74Et