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Duncan RileyMyer relaunches brand as Clemenger BBDO Melbourne devises ‘find wonderful’ campaign http://t.co/5OL3vDZxDz via @mumbrella
Wil SCREAMtonRT @aliceandstuff: Taylor Swift: Doctor, Doctor! Dr: Yes, Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift: This beat is sick. I'm really getting down Dr: That i…
Wil SCREAMtonRT @femfreq: Here @Newsweek analyzes the data, finds GamerGate is actually about harassing women not “ethics in games journalism” http://t.…
Anil DashThis is when @PlayDangerously posted my address *IN 2013* and #GamerGate still follows him. Read the first reply. https://t.co/xr3t43iIjC
Duncan RileyIslamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party | via @Telegraph http://t.co/5VfigK3OtF
Anil DashI have never been a gaming journalist. @PlayDangerously came at me unprompted, & got GG to help with his obsession. https://t.co/pxQWXM8zmI
Anil DashSo many of you have told me you don't support doxxing & it's about ethics in journalism. Prove it. @PlayDangerously stalked me for a year+.
Anil DashAlright, #GamerGate, let's do this. Your leader @PlayDangerously posted my address *last year*. Denounce his doxxing. Tell him to leave GG.
Duncan Riley'Darth Vader' goes to polls in Ukraine and wants to turn state into 'galactic empire' http://t.co/8eS5J6bTlK via @Independent_ie
Anil DashAlright, y'all, who's got the hookup on them SNL tickets for Nov 1? Might be some Stevie Wonder @ Madison Sq Garden tix in it for you.
Wil SCREAMtonRT @nerdist: Watch the Nerdist gang in the 24 livestream for @ExtraLife4Kids. Right now, @BlizzHeroes: http://t.co/eMtLss4bgA DONATE!!!
Ars TechnicaCHP officers reportedly stole cell phone photos from women in custody http://t.co/kzrT6igNEZ by @latiffanykelly
Wil SCREAMtonSo it turns out that I have the happiest nephew in the ‘verse, I guess. Can’t wait to see him in a couple months.
Wil SCREAMtonMy godson babbled at me for five straight minutes, then said, “BYE BYE!” and hung up. My sister texted me that he was very proud of himself.
Wil SCREAMtonJust got a phone call from my 2 year-old godson. Me: Hello? Him: HAHAHAHAHAHA Me: Hey, buddy! Him: HAHAHAHA! Me: How are you? Him: HAHA!
Splashpress MediaThe Splashpress Media Team Daily is out! http://t.co/iSWZ0nlOaF Stories via @sofimi
Doug BowmanHearing Carlos Santana play the Star Spangled Banner was pretty rad. #WorldSeries http://t.co/fzSUo663VG
Doug BowmanForget the troublemakers from last night, I need to text foul to 69050 because of these two in front of us. http://t.co/v8wV2PTVf4