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Anil DashI criticize Zuckerberg a lot, but his learning Chinese shows the best side of him - curious, smart, globally aware: http://t.co/YrrQ3fQ40P
BloggingProBlogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Dec 17-21) http://t.co/KLpt7YjLth #jobs
Paul StamatiouNew life goal: Move to NYC around the time I turn 30? I've seen everything in SF. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
John GruberYou know who I love in this World Series? I love “Marlins” guy sitting behind home plate.
Chris GarrettAttraction, Retention and Conversion in doodle form ;) @ Mount Royal University http://t.co/Fx2GtWsxZ9
BloggingProWe're giving away 2 developer subscriptions from @elegantthemes; join now, & have all the #WordPressThemes you want: http://t.co/xyLlRP80ZP
Duncan RileyMy Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell http://t.co/XibX8dwovb
Anil DashRT @casacks: Following her terrific coverage of Grace Hopper, @selenalarson on women-in-tech panel at Twitter's Flight conf: http://t.co/Qp…
Duncan RileyProperty developer gets caught using screenshot from SimCity - Yahoo News UK https://t.co/PgcbkiXTl9 via @YahooNewsUK
Duncan RileyGoogle makes its own competitor to Gmail with Inbox http://t.co/5EoXMOyZRw via @LizGannes
Heather ChampPeter Mansbridge via the internet.
Duncan RileyPhotographer Who Sued Imgur Now Has a Pirate Bay Problem | TorrentFreak http://t.co/W0LQDWXEtB
Duncan RileyRussian Journalists Move to Riga to Escape Kremlin Control: http://t.co/Gw3sCiabHr
The Blog HeraldWIN 2 Developer Subscriptions From Elegant Themes [#Giveaway] http://t.co/IDLknWujeI
Splashpress MediaWIN 2 Developer Subscriptions From Elegant Themes [#Giveaway] http://t.co/70mgrYRCi3
Ars TechnicaTen years of Ubuntu: How Linux’s beloved newcomer became its criticized king http://t.co/Px7FM6tdtr
Ars TechnicaWindows Update drivers bricking USB serial chips beloved of hardware hackers http://t.co/4szDryX8YM by @drpizza
Paul Stamatiou"Have you noticed the animations? Ommmmg soo good. Super exciting." - Android engineer telling a PM about Android L