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Wil WheatonReally good and useful advice on being a game master, and running an RPG: https://t.co/HWyuKP7k7C
Andy Baio$135, cheap. http://t.co/1Jocao95dX I called the number.
Wil WheatonRT @no_judge_ninja: Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Anil Dash@waxpancake @fraying hard part is maintaining condemnation of their wrongs even once you've befriended them. Truth to power is hard work.
Anil Dash@waxpancake @fraying one of the things people don't realize is that *everyone* is a decent, fallible human being when you meet them.
Anil Dash@waxpancake @chrissyteigen and from marginalized people finding their power in new networks & platforms.
Anil DashI'm always reluctant to send tweets like this https://t.co/IMHpTDqlPi when I know they'll get amplified 8x more than https://t.co/fvM0OSZv1T
Meg HourihanA season of skiing. Day 3. @mrgfreeskier Sick and managed only one run. http://t.co/WuwczaUKmx
Cameron MollThe change puts them squarely in traditional nav territory. I liked the previous approach, but user research may be the catalyst. +@Medium
Cameron MollIf they haven't done so already, looking forward to @Medium's write-up on (and substantiation of) the nav change. http://t.co/suXgNYZAQb
Cameron Moll.@everestmoll testing the dodocase cardboard VR kit. "Really tough to assemble, but very cool when… http://t.co/1oRiuJjTCd
BloggingPro4 People Who Got Rich Blogging http://t.co/96JoIVIrfw #general
Ars TechnicaMajor Chicago study finds red light cameras not safer, cause more rear-end injuries http://t.co/mAudbCDq0S by @MeganGeuss
Andy BaioSam Biddle reflects on Internet outrage, both creating and receiving it. http://t.co/wbisvLk1g3 A rite of passage for ex-Valleywag editors.
Anil DashRT @s_m_i: Will never not be bemused at people rallying to defend those accused of racism more than they ever speak up for actual marginali…
Anil DashRT @rgay: Hmmm. All this talk about "outrage" recently is dismissive in a very interesting way.
Ars TechnicaJudge: It’s OK for cops to create fake Instagram accounts http://t.co/2eq1YzSNU2 by @cfarivar
Heather ChampJust enough SSH to be dangerous.