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Meg HourihanSo apparently when you get your eye brows tinted in VT, you *really* get your brows tinted. Hello very brown scary brows! Pls grow out fast!
Anil DashFor all the criticisms & frustrations I have about the tech industry, I still do believe we can make things that are meaningful. I hope so.
Anil DashI sometimes get self-conscious about making an app that's new & odd & idealistic. But I'm glad so many get it now: https://t.co/uKRhp6LQSd
Anil DashI work on @thinkup every day, so it's hard to judge if I plug it too much, but I am *so* proud of what the team's built. You should try it!
Anil DashReally appreciated @tcarmody describing @thinkup as one of the last of the great Twitter apps over on @kottke: http://t.co/5jkJQfXEWX :)
Meg HourihanPhew! New bike going to Nantucket after all. http://t.co/ADVH8M3El1
Ars TechnicaFCC chair accuses Verizon of throttling unlimited data to boost profits http://t.co/ePRWJ5y2va by @JBrodkin
Darren RowseNew Blogger Job: Report Writer - truCore Distributors, Inc. http://t.co/P7e7lWp3KI
Wil WheatonMy parents always know what to get me for my birthday. http://t.co/V0ugKKXeAO
Heather B. ArmstrongMy first experience with monsters, otherwise known as “babies” http://t.co/3khbbBvIV3
Ars TechnicaVirgin Mobile lets you save money on your social media-obsessed teens http://t.co/6ANQJBFsGL by @cfarivar
BloggingProI Miss My Face: Why Did The Google Authorship Markup Disappear? - http://t.co/v2pw5OfaHn
Wil WheatonWhen you're listening to the Lithium station on satellite radio and your friend is suddenly playing the drums on your radio.
Heather ChampIt's after noon. I could have a drink.
Heather ChampI feel for people who are truly unwell dealing with health insurance crap. One shouldn't have to deal with the additional stress.
Heather ChampRT @fraying: Go here: http://t.co/SYgoGw8gxW and enter "7201969" and then hold on to your butt because WOW.
Heather ChampLet me pull @BlueShieldCA out from under that bus and shove @LABCORP in there.