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Ars TechnicaVinyl records are still riding that big comeback wave, sales up 38% in a year http://t.co/RJs1m3M6iv by @MeganGeuss
Michael HeilemannWhy, oh why, can I play the entire album in one place, but not the other!? http://t.co/InITzdn0zh
Michael HeilemannNow it's uploading things I know aren't in the iTunes Store to my iCloud Library; but I don't have Match enabled… So confused :| #fixtweet
Michael HeilemannI guess at some level it's nice to know that Apple too has to cut corners to make releases.
Michael HeilemannThere's also a huge opportunity to integrate the many artist-specific playlists with the artist pages, yet the two are completely separate.
Darren RowseThe Day I Almost Lost My Blogging Business By Having Too Many Eggs in the One Basket http://t.co/TdKQmQ2aOr http://t.co/Drjoos5fpu
Michael HeilemannAnd this beauty. I actually love iTunes, but boy. http://t.co/iCVgOafXyS
Michael Heilemann… And I'm back in Nam^d^d^d iTunes Match.
Michael HeilemannAnd then there's this little Cloud icon with the thunderbolt. It has no hover label; I have no idea what it means. http://t.co/WcWtFgLNYs
Michael HeilemannAnd here's this one song I've already deleted twice from my iCloud Library, back again. Sigh.
Michael HeilemannAnd there's no way to see all the things I've ❤️'d (that aren't also in my library).
Michael HeilemannSo the only way to find the rest of an album of which I have one song, is to manually search for it. Odd.
Michael HeilemannThe fact that the store is still there is weird. Right-clicking a song in my library can take me to the store, but not the streaming store.
Jason KottkeThe Mini car chase in Bourne Identity just started.
Michael HeilemannAnd then, some albums I can stream all songs from Apple Music, but add them to my own library, and a lot of them grey out?!
Duncan RileyPurple prick: Prince withdraws music from streaming services offering a free tier http://t.co/VBjPrvvGXe
Michael HeilemannShouldn't anything I add to my iTunes library from Apple Music automatically show up in "Recently Added" on my iPhone? It doesn't.