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Chris GarrettRT @MisterYYC: A great photo gallery of #WCYYC by our hero, @regtiangha. Did you get captured with your learnin' face on? https://t.co/IBXK…
Wil WheatonAnd featuring Wil Wheaton as the "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" guy.
Jeffrey ZeldmanThat we might eat warm cherries by the sea: Brighton Beach day trip, Memorial Day 2015. https://t.co/URUWDWNdUK http://t.co/O8j4lAXG8k
Brian ClarkEverything we learned from Matthew Weiner's post-finale talk about Mad Men (like the deal with that Coke ad) - http://t.co/gM8zW6LahQ
Darren Rowse5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Selling Out http://t.co/vwqT2qXw6T http://t.co/xJQVJap69r
Meg HourihanGarden is in. Fence is crap. Tomatoes are in shade. Things will improve. https://t.co/S3osWaAj5t
Wil WheatonFrantically searching my bag for my sunglasses, convinced I left them in a restaurant... I take them off so I can see better. #genius
Ars TechnicaWhat do readers want from #iOS9? Better use of space, kids mode and more http://t.co/Vc63RZXDX1
Heather ChampRT @goldengateblond: I see @ChuckCJohnson's account is suspended so apparently Sunday's the day Twitter takes out the trash.
Ars TechnicaReview: Tesla’s new Model S P85D—double your engines, double your fun http://t.co/DdsX5QRZRP by @Lee_Ars
Andy BaioCarson: "Can you envision yourself, 20 years from now, doing your Late Night show?" Letterman: *bursts out laughing* https://t.co/tpwMTfzdOr
Wil WheatonRT @muskrat_john: There must be some kind of purgatory for all the characters ever rolled up but never played. http://t.co/oerG1hbgBO
Ars Technica"First US Web operator convicted of facilitating prostitution"—a literal Web pimp? http://t.co/W2xzFJE22j
Ars TechnicaNew neural implant reads a person’s intentions to control robotic arm http://t.co/uYysnGjwFR