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Anil Dash"If it can happen to three of the most powerful people in tech*, it can happen to anyone." https://t.co/vbMSLV1quu *and me
BloggingProWanted: Computer Blogger with SEO Experience Familiar with Yoast https://t.co/VmU6yqTDMu #bloggingjobs
Anil DashRT @q0rtz: @anildash I don't trust anyone who can't do the "Do You Remember The Time" ad libs basically on command
Splashpress MediaThe latest The Splashpress Media Team Daily! https://t.co/9z9s8eUzSJ Thanks to @noemiruth
Jim CoudalIt's obvious I just want to eat the damn Salerno's pizza (sausage, mushrooms, peppers)
Jim Coudal.@ryansievert is thinking maybe the 4 horse with the 6 in an exacta box in the 7th at Arlington.
Anil DashClearly, the only fair job interview question is asking them to perform the ad-libs at the end of a Michael Jackson song & judging accuracy.
Jim CoudalMichele has work to do and has had just about enough the this *rock-band photo shoot*
Jim Coudal.@kevinguilfoile is thinking about writing *Cast of Shadows* or a jingle for a car dealership.
Jim Coudal.@susaneverett is thinking about Neville Brody or her next race.
Jim Coudal.@a_vitagliano is on the phone w/ his bookie.
Ars TechnicaVolkswagen lawyer says 3.0L diesel cars will likely be fixed, not bought back https://t.co/mtEE5ikUlR by @MeganGeuss
Darren RowseNew Blogger Job: Amazon Addict? Research-based writer needed - 8th Element https://t.co/dmqs3TWFlP
Jeffrey ZeldmanIt reminds me, and will remind some of you, of Derek Powazek's glorious {fray} storytelling site from back in 1996. https://t.co/RHbSKkSHeO
Jeffrey ZeldmanNow in its fourth year, Primer Stories offers carefully curated, elegantly art-directed web-native storytelling. https://t.co/RHbSKkSHeO
Darren RowseHow to Create a Sense of Anticipation on Your Blog https://t.co/5oC2jfr35S https://t.co/TNphy2Ilz7
Ars TechnicaDell gets out of the Android business, and everything old is new again https://t.co/e3wN7KRNvV by @AndrewWrites
The Blog HeraldHow to Take a Break from Blogging (Without Losing Your Audience) https://t.co/F7iuzQZhrE