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Ars TechnicaAmazon Prime Now arrives online with one-hour delivery service https://t.co/fTwx7xqv6T by @valentinalucia
Jeffrey Zeldman♛ Make your CSS as semantic & meaningful as your markup. @tbaxter shows how in @alistapart. https://t.co/JRntkXTMEm https://t.co/IfU2KVP5ak
Anil DashThe misery continues; I paid for something using a credit card with a chip in it. Payments rendered in geological time.
Ars TechnicaWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 is real and in development at Relic https://t.co/DFOSsEyRwW by @markalexwalton
Ars TechnicaRT @ArsTechnicaUK: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 is real and in development at Relic https://t.co/zxlgE8KfjV by @markalexwalton
Darren RowseWe Have Smart Homes and Smart Phones – What About Smart Blogs? https://t.co/koF3yUyf9U https://t.co/qbhufZSWLU
Ars TechnicaOur @nathanmattise is at #Xponential2016 @AUVSIshow today, but last year we made it to the Drone Store https://t.co/UAG2O4z2zs
Anil DashSo far this morning: accidentally jabbed a pin under my fingernail & poked myself in the eye. There's a reason these are metaphors for pain!
Ars TechnicaDell rebrands Dell to Dell Technologies, Dell EMC, and Dell https://t.co/uLDeu2SuGY by @kellyfiveash
Darren RowseNew at ProBlogger: 3 Blogger Monetisation Lessons from Facebook’s Branded Content Policy Update https://t.co/0rqwmJJh1P
Ars TechnicaMarines test autonomous robot-drone teams for future on battlefield https://t.co/wDmdbbGINt by @thepacketrat
Jim CoudalCovers by @AlexTrochut for iconic sci-fi titles, Penguin Galaxy w/ foil-blocked custom type. Via @CreativeReview https://t.co/HWB2L7HLOr
Darren RowseThe 5 key elements your blog’s ‘Start Here’ page must have https://t.co/TrnnRyP7Xt https://t.co/RkXVC6U8zE
Ars TechnicaSupreme Court to hear copyright fight over cheerleader uniforms https://t.co/b8Qpth6Mja by @joemullin
BloggingProWordPress Theme Seller, Templatic, Warns Users Of Hacking - The Blog Herald https://t.co/Pd88Hd5Qgd https://t.co/vhigNAOphT
Jeffrey ZeldmanRT @uxmag: Win a free copy of "Design for Real Life in our latest #book #giveaway (contest ends May 13) https://t.co/KhrOLmuAeQ https://t.c…
Ars TechnicaRT @ArsTechnicaUK: TTIP expected to fail after US demands finally revealed in leaked docs https://t.co/Y1UvxUo39u by @glynmoody #TTIPLeaks…
Ars TechnicaRT @ArsTechnicaUK: SoundCloud launches Go service in UK, Ireland—stuffs ads into free version https://t.co/1dHwrwf3hE by @shlema