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Wil WheatonReminds me of Ruination. - Drinking a Darts Away IPA by @goldenroadbrew at @goldenroadbrewhttp://t.co/Stz5GtLucF
Wil WheatonRemember, we're parked under the Sunsphere.
Splashpress MediaThe Splashpress Media Team Daily is out! http://t.co/hDVrNCz5a1 Stories via @sofimi
Heather ChampMaple & Maple, Zero Image 4x5 25mm / Fujifilm FP-100C, 4 second exposure #WPPD #WPPD2015 #pinhole… https://t.co/5pf22lghvP
Anil DashWould also accept a Talk Soup-style review of highlighted excerpts from podcasts.
Anil DashI wish there were a services could subscribe to that would give me 200-300 word text summaries of hourlong podcasts.
Ars TechnicaWith a few phones in hand, we quantified how abnormal the Snapdragon 810’s heating issues are. http://t.co/NOWX4rj5Mf http://t.co/thc7anZaQr
Wil WheatonI just earned the 'Photogenic Brew (Level 13)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/02AmY1KQAC
Wil WheatonFuck yeah cheat day dot tumblr dot com. - Drinking a Saison Citron at @goldenroadbrew - http://t.co/LA3yGdy25l #photo
John GruberIf you have something cool to promote, this coming week is the only DF sponsorship open through the end of June: http://t.co/37kJwV0ZjS
Anil DashThis is pretty much worst-case algorithmic failure, @twitter. Fix your shit. http://t.co/RYq7UvR0Xp
Anil DashRT @thelindywest: It's infinitely "edgier" to push against oppressive systems than it to suck up to them for some cheap validation.
Paul StamatiouThis confirms that I don't want the new MacBook https://t.co/lH0V4vtcvE
Ars TechnicaFind shipwrecked 170-year-old champagne, and you can do both a chemical *and* taste analysis https://t.co/nZsqizP6fe http://t.co/1Y8zl0tBOv
Anil DashLove how @S_C_ is using Twitter to explain his side of the @TIDALHiFi story. The best asset Tidal has, my skepticism aside.
Ars TechnicaLong before they could lay wrist on it, devs were trying to define "gaming" on an #AppleWatch https://t.co/E4zCDYULGF http://t.co/16xRKByRaQ
Wil WheatonAlso, they do a HUGE FUCKING THING in the penultimate episode, then don't even acknowledge it in the finale? WTF was that about?
Wil WheatonWas anyone else deeply unsatisfied by season finale of The Americans this year? Too much OMG WATCH NEXT YEAR and not enough resolution.