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Anil DashTwitter deduces a gender for almost all accounts on the service, to help advertisers. @glennf explains how it works: http://t.co/n66lNCRwU1
Anil DashRT @pushinghoops: Columbia Student Will Carry a Mattress Everywhere Until Her Rapist Is Expelled http://t.co/aWUvcdsG9U via @jesshopp
Anil DashRT @mckinneykelsey: I've gotten plenty of hate mail today, but I'm still not ashamed of this: http://t.co/LYAaE6vAwd
Jim CoudalRT @ditzkoff: My visit with @spencertweedy, who has allowed his dad (some guy named @JeffTweedy) to play in a band with him. http://t.co/B…
Wil WheatonMy first, and definitely not last, black lager. - Drinking a Black Rock Lager by @mauibrewingco - http://t.co/vXbl9QFRSQ
Wil WheatonRT @scalzi: Your arguments are bullshit, you reek of fetid sexism, and also @FemFreq is fucking RIGHT. So, stop, already. You're not swayin…
Wil WheatonRT @scalzi: In the last couple of days, some dudes have tried to talk nonsense about @FemFreq to me here. Dudes, I SO don't have time for y…
BloggingPro2 Potent Web Monetization Strategies You've Probably Never Tried - http://t.co/XWYa8jtBGy
Darren RowseI wrote a little more on those 6 steps to finding readers for your blog here on LinkedIn - https://t.co/7qafahNw4h - hope it helps!
Ars TechnicaRT @thepacketrat: Right now, getting ready to talk about cloud security on PBS NewsHour.
Darren RowseHow to find readers for your blog (from a talk I gave recently) http://t.co/UQ7DSVgVXI
Doug BowmanLove this photo of Tea Time at Twitter from five years ago with @ev in the foreground. https://t.co/fUVkGxLQSr
Wil WheatonRT @joshacagan: Ms. @geekgirldiva wrote a lovely eulogy for The @wilw Project. She recapped us every week, and is a true mensch. http://t.c…
Wil WheatonLOLPatriots. RT @TheWire: Former Senators Trent Lott and John Breaux are helping a Russian bank fight U.S. sanctions http://t.co/yV7uXRpsSt
John GruberRT @cabel: PDX: if you see a dumb-dumb walking around town wearing a STUPID GIANT EYEBALL SHIRT let me know. http://t.co/zuOOewuuNc
Ars TechnicaDeath Valley’s famous moving stones, caught in the act http://t.co/EA6uCci1Nj by @SJvatn