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Wil WheatonFor season two of Serial, they should investigate all the mysteries that Scoob and the gang couldn't solve.
Wil WheatonTrash talking, trolling, and team loyalty aside, I respect the Preds. They are obviously a very good team.
Wil WheatonIf I wasn’t already married to @annewheaton, I would probably want to marry the chili I made for dinner, because I love it so much.
Anil Dash"That I finally saw the value of my life as others saw it: a cheap thing, so easily discarded." http://t.co/DKln9Sgrny
Wil WheatonOh, Kings … that’s just embarrassing.
Wil WheatonWhy do they throw fish when the Preds score? Is it because they stink on ice?
Anil DashRT @alainabrowne: Tonight, the sound of helicopters means the people are marching and that is a comfort #BlackLivesMatter
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