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Michael HeilemannGet your Batman shit out of my Lovecraft searches! #arkham
Duncan RileyMelbourne becomes the city of soaring skyscrapers – and the envy of Sydney developers http://t.co/Yd7jCSzgmf via @theage
Ars TechnicaSupreme Court ruling has wiped out 11 “do it on a computer” patents so far http://t.co/MQYyvkHBbh by @joemullin
Wil WheatonRT @johnmoe: Just caught someone from Apple sneaking into my house to put an E.L.O. cassette tape in my Sony Walkman.
Paul StamatiouAT&T called me a few min after this.. New bill is less than half! I should tweet about all my bills https://t.co/KhaDtKjxrc
Duncan RileyBIS figures confirm Australian housing overvalued http://t.co/BI2zJ8LkJO via @ABCNews
Meg Hourihan@anildash @maureenflaherty @ftrain is it gonna be online? I'm so sad to have missed this most of all.
Brian ClarkRT @Broncos: "Heckuva job by our defense there at the end." - Manning
Splashpress MediaThe Splashpress Media Team Daily is out! http://t.co/iSWZ0nlOaF
Anil Dash(Seriously, though, @ftrain was so brave and so wise at @xoxo that it made me immensely proud to be his friend.)
Anil DashWas really proud to see my friend @ftrain embrace his true identity during his @xoxo talk. #xoxofest http://t.co/3AjR918ZdV
Heather Champ"I'm trying to make room for the whole crowd of sorrows." @ftrain #xoxofest
Heather ChampRumi's "The Guest House", "This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival..." http://t.co/zlANFfZRgf @ftrain #xoxofest
Brian ClarkAgain with the unnecessary tension, #Broncos.
Paul StamatiouSo glad I got that $6 national account discount from @ATTCustomerCare http://t.co/K0tBzFDlLE