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John GruberAlmost done with my 2500-word review of Apple’s new SIM tray tool. http://t.co/xIjER9lLl6
Ars TechnicaT-Mobile: Our network has trouble with building walls and long distances http://t.co/3k8MqTilnO by @JBrodkin
Brian ClarkHow I Moved My Website To The Rainmaker Platform - http://t.co/9VrgqQ3VUN
Darren RowseNew Blogger Job: Tech Writer - Knurture http://t.co/CZNiqfCw07
Anil DashThanks to @poptech for such a warm response today! Our app @thinkup: https://t.co/WsjACxANp7 & our values: https://t.co/g64AFIH7Xa #poptech
Cameron Moll"Cohesive UX", slides from my presentation at #HIDC Chicago earlier this week: https://t.co/OF5M6CwSgm +@HOWbrand
BloggingProWordPress Plugin: Next-Previous IMG http://t.co/TaZcHWXgfE #wordpressplugins
Doug BowmanHolding my old 5s. The screen seems really small now. But the size of the phone in my hand is so much better. iPhone 6 mini, please.
Wil SCREAMtonREMEMBER: Beware of hitchhiking ghosts. #psa
Heather ChampGoing to turn my old iPad mini into a @DarkSkyApp monitor. Break in the rain? Run or walk the pups.
Anil DashLooking forward to going onstage at @poptech in a few minutes, talking about our tech industry's responsibilities: http://t.co/ic1Ujb0vbB
Ars TechnicaRe: his #Ello story http://t.co/F4V6dqZb1M MT @cfarivar Anyone want an Ello invite? Have a bunch, feels like Gmail in beta all over again
Wil SCREAMton#BUTTS RT @markiplier: Spread the news: Butts are awesome
Wil SCREAMtonJust got confirmation that my SURVIVAL MACHETE is on its way to Castle Wheaton. So, you know.
Ars TechnicaA huge tsunami in Hawaii’s past warns of future risk http://t.co/SX2dwlSUhM by @SJvatn
BloggingProWordPress Theme: Round Box Green 2 http://t.co/79ELjZohsk #wordpressthemes
Chris GarrettRT @nestguy: Focus on These 4 Steps to Harness the Addictive Power of Email (And Turn Your Traffic Into Business) http://t.co/1vESxv1fA5